Manchester cleaning service

Why should I use a contract cleaning service when it costs more?

Good question & the answer is simple, it saves you time & therefore it saves you money.

So how does a service that costs more per hour save a business money?

I will try & break it down so you can see how it will save your business money if you use a high quality provider of contract cleaning such as Spirit Cleaning of Manchester.

1. You don't have the cost of holiday pay (5.6 weeks pro rata) & the hassle of finding a cleaner to cover holiday absence.

2.You don't have to train or supervise saving you time at management level which can be very costly.

3.You don't have to cover the cost of sick pay nor find cover for sickness/absence with staff who may be paid a higher wage than your cleaner

4.Your standards don't drop through sickness, inconsistency or lack of time to manage the cleaners meaning your business remains an attractive working environment for your team & helps make the best impression to your clients/customers which is vital for any business.

5.Free deep cleans from Spirit Cleaning of Manchester, saving you hundreds of ££££s in man hours pushing you to higher standards than your competitors, making you money.

6. We provide the flexibility of when it is most convenient for your business for your cleaning to take place with our free key holding service to which we are fully insured, saving you time & money.

7.We provide our equipment & can provide premium products at low costs through our industry contacts.

8. We can give free industry advice as we have over 25 years of top level management experience gained from running & managing blue chip companies.

All the above only applies if you use Spirit Cleaning of Manchester, we have yet to find any other cleaning company who has our attendance record, high level of standards, management experience & local knowledge.

You may get sales reps from huge companies promising to undercut any price without even knowing what the cost is, but ask yourself this - if they can afford to employ a sales rep to walk around the city all day trying to convert customers with little or no experience of the field, how much attention will be given to your business once the ink is dry on the contract?

I can answer that with great confidence & experience of the situation, they won't even answer the phone!

This has happened to numerous clients we have taken on, conned by a smooth taking salesman, then left with a poorly trained cleaning team, who often don't turn up/complete the clean & you are left trapped in a contract costing your business money.

Don't let this happen to you,

Get a free, no obligation cleaning service audit from Spirit Cleaning of Manchester & we will assess your business cleaning needs, audit your current standards & productivity & give you a genuine assessment on what we can offer you & your business.

We haven't kept clients for over 5 years by doing nothing, we deliver.

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